THIS IS THE DEMO SITE. The LIVE site: https://taproots.us/

In order to ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ on the demo site you will need to register for a user account with a real email address.

What is a taproot?

A taproot is a root that dives deep into the ground, giving a tree or plant extra stability when buffeted by external forces, like vicious winds–or in our case, uncertain economic times.  Taproots ‘Ground Funding’ provides a way for businesses, creators, inventors, and other innovators, to more firmly establish themselves with fans, supporters, and consumers.  From these deeper roots, the project can flourish.

Taproots facilitates introductions between companies/creators/producers and consumers and supporters by offering access to a platform which incentivizes consumer involvement in the creators’ projects.

The primary ‘mode’ of this involvement is the ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ of ‘seeds’ issued by the creator.

On this demo site, you are invited to explore the platform using fake money to buy fake ‘seeds’ in fake projects. To see a list of those fake projects, go here.

THIS IS THE DEMO SITE! Visit the LIVE site here: Taproots.us

This is the Taproots DEMO Site. Visit the LIVE site here:  https://taproots.us/