Dog Mittens Company Page

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# Project Qty of Seeds Available Direct from Project Owner. Per Seed Action

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This will give you paws:  knowing that your poor puppies feet are cold.  Who could tolerate such a state of affairs?  And yet, until recently, there was nothing one could do except watch their frost-bitten feet fall off, leading to otherwise healthy dogs walking around on stumps for legs.  Enter, the Dog Mitten!


For every person who owns at least 10 seeds, we will give exclusive access to our customized sock making machine.  You can submit a design, buy the mittens, and we will incorporate your design into the mitten, at no additional cost!  This service is not available to anyone except Dog Mittens seed owners!

For every person who owns seeds valuing $500 or more, we will divide 2% of our annual profit and distribute to them in the form of cold, hard cash!  Beat that!